Friday, 12 January 2018

A Bit about Cosmetic Dentistry

While normal dentistry tends to improve dental health along with the oral issues, cosmetic dentistry is mostly related to the smile improvement. Since cosmetic dentistry is the elective process, dental insurance doesn’t usually cover this part of dentistry.

Here, it is worth mentioning that cosmetic dentistry, along with being elective, is not cost effective in most of the cases. But this is also the fact that good smile is necessity in many scenarios. If you want to gain extra confidence in order to enhance your life, you will have to make sure that your smile impressive. According to several studies, smiling can help you to stay happy. So, when you have bright and flawless smile, you will not have any reason to hesitate in smiling.

Having that said, we are going to mention a few smile makeover procedures down below.
  • In order to correct chips and minor issues related to tooth shaping, Enamel Shaping and Dental Bonding are the processes which can help. These processes also involve teeth whitening. Hence, it will be a new smile.
  • When there are permanent stains or the teeth are misshapen or cracked, veneers can be attached permanently to the teeth.
  • Misaligned teeth so not only spoil the smile but they also tend to make the bite defective. In order to align those misaligned teeth, braces or invisalign can be used.
  • To get the gum issues resolved, Gum Contouring is the procedure which doesn’t only reshape the gums to make them look better but they also fix gum health issues at some extent.

Getting the treatment
Advancements such as CEREC and oral sedation have allowed the dentists to complete cosmetic dental treatments in mush lesser time than before. Some of the treatments related to these technologies have been reduced to single dental visits. Dental veneers and implants still require a couple of dental visits. Orthodontic treatments take their long time because of the nature of treatment.

The steps involved in cosmetic dentistry mainly include:
  • Consultation: Consultation is usually free of cost. This process involves assessment of your problems in which the nature of treatment to be given can be determined.
  • Treatment plan: If you have made your mind about getting the treatment, you will not have to discuss about the type of treatment you want to get. This discussion also involves payment of treatment.
  • Treatment initiation: Depending upon the type of treatment you have chosen, you will be directed to comply with the instructions regarding dental visits. In case of veneers and dental implants, you will be asked to pay more than one dental visits.
  • Fabrication: The dentist would ask you to wait until the fabrication tie is over. Fabrication mainly involves preparation of artificial items which are fitted in the mouth in order to support the treatment process.
  • Completion: Now when the treatment is complete, you can now look into the mirror to appreciate the nice and reformed smile you have.
  • Follow up: Since there may arise some issues afterwards, you need to make sure that you are paying follow up visits to get awareness about prevention of several issues which can happen.